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I'm Sick

11/13/12 by TomaMoto

I usually only make posts when I have something particularly interesting to say. Today, I'm just posting to say I'm still alive, still voice acting, and that I'm very sniffly.

This month was a bit of a blast from the past, as I was called, after many years, to reprise my role as BBQBEEFBURGERMAN. Also, been voicing some games, some commercial, some Indy, but all awesome.

Well, there's a little bit of news, I guess. I am considering this post a smashing success, but now I dunno what else to type here. Gonna go find tissues.

Consider my Newgrounds blog REFRESHED.

Since last I posted here, my Announcer work in Skullgirls has been released to the market. And I have been involved in voice over for a number of upcoming games including Critical Studios/Paradox Interactive's Dungeonland, Dean Dodrill's soon-to-be-released Dust: An Elysian Tail, and our own SuperFlashBros' upcoming cross-platform (Win/Mac/iOS/Android/Linux) Detective Grimoire game.

So on the topic of Detective Grimoire, The Detective Grimoire Kickstarter has nearly reached its $25,000 goal without only 50 or so hours remaining. Please make a pledge and lend a hand to support Tom, Dim and all the awesome Newgrounds voice actors (Omahdon, Egoraptor, Hnilmik, Princess Aura) that have contributed to this exciting game.

To talk a bit more on Dungeonland: I recently attended, dressed as my character "Dungeon Master" (thanks to Holly Conrad for building my costume!), a Paradox Interactive press event in San Francisco. Two of the main developers, Mark and Gabriel were there, and those guys were quite awesome! The game itself includes a very cool mode called Dungeon Master Mode, in which 3 players fight in the game's standard dungeon crawler/roguelike style, but another opposing player, controlling the world in an RTS-like fashion, lays traps and can even take direct control of enemies and Bosses in an attempt to thwart the hero characters. It's a ton a fun and I recommend that everyone keep Dungeonland on their radar over the course of the next year. I believe (meaning I'm not totally certain) the main game is going to be released in Q4 of this year, with DLC to follow next year.

There we go. Thou art updated on my upcoming voice-over shit.

See you all next time!


Update, Dungeonland  and Detective Grimoire

Ballads of Reemus

1/31/12 by TomaMoto
Updated 1/31/12


Despite my quietness on Newgrounds in the past few months, I am still up to stuff!

First, I'd like to mention that Zeebarf's new game "Ballads of Reemus" game came out a few days ago on the 25th. It is fully voice acted and features me in the role of Reemus as well as several others. Please check it out and have some fun! The demo is available here:

Also, I'm proud to announce that I'll be voicing the role of Harley in Bryce Milburn's new cartoon pilot "Harley The Really Really Famous Porn Star." I just found out today that I'll playing opposite Joe Lo Truglion of Reno 911 Superbad and Pineapple Express. He's a super funny dude, so if you don't give a shit about me being in it, give a shit about him. Please check out the Kickstarter and donate if it's something that you'd like to see:

Hopefully, I'll post on here more frequently, but it's not like I was ever very good at keeping a blog.

I'll leave you all with a neat artsy short I voiced by Francis Bièvre:

Ballads of Reemus

Tomar on TV

8/31/11 by TomaMoto
Updated 8/31/11

So I voiced this game, Lee-Lee's Quest, for Raitendo and it just happens to have been picked up by Adult Swim. They liked the voices and thanks to Raitendo's smoothly brilliant Swedish negotation skills, they agreed to have me voice the TV commmercial to advertise the game:

It's been airing for about two full weeks now as far as I know, which is pretty sweet. No idea when it's gonna end.

I'm nearly done with mixing Sergio and Bear 3. This episode took an unusual turn compared to the last two, but everything I wrote just sort of came about naturally. Thanks to Jaxxy and RubberNinja for encouraging me to go with my original script instead of scrapping to write something different. Also, thanks to Egoraptor for voicing all my new extra characters.

I'm looking forward to recording for Molkman's Lucky Tower 2 this coming weekend and hopefully a variety of other great projects. Also, I'd like you all to go encourage my pal ImpendingRiot (of Alice is Dead fame) to work hard on his latest point and click mystery game. It looks like it's gonna be pretty sweet!

Sorry I haven't updated in so long, Newgrounds! I got no excuse other than I didn't think I had anything interesting enough to say. Take care, and please don't hesitate to ask me about voicing your stuff. That's still what I do, baby!

This is the Story of a Bear

7/27/10 by TomaMoto
Updated 7/27/10

Join Bear and Sergio as their adventure begins. Thanks very much to the lovely Jaxxy for all the art and animation.

I'm still pretty pooped from Comic-con, but oh boy, what an awesome time! Thanks to Luis, Hans and Swain for letting your hotel room be our hang-out pad at the end of pretty much every night. Thanks also to everyone else who trekked from all reaches of the globe. Comic-con wouldn't be worth it without all the newgrounders that attended.

I love you, Newgrounds. You are ever the quasi-pubescent younger sibling that I don't not wish I ever had.

This is the Story of a Bear

Girl Chan 3

4/25/10 by TomaMoto

Was a blast to work on! I've been seeing mixed reviews, but I personally love where it's going. I mean, it'll always be an anime parody, but I really appreciate how it's starting to take on a life of its own.

Girl Chan 3

Home of Web two-point-zero.

They're out in the newgrounds store BAAAAABE! t/kenstar-shirt

Also, I wrote a Christmas special. Ooh rara! I won't go into details because who cares till it's made, right?

Everyone should play some Tech Romancer if they can can get ahold of a copy for Dreamcast or something more illicit like an emulator whose name is the common English name of the element Zn.

I've been reading the Manga called "Pluto." Urasawa's a good author, but Tezuka's still #1 in my book. Seriously, what an AWESOME storyteller.


Whoa! Girl-chan T-shirts!

It feels so nice to have made one of these after such a long time. So for the couple people who might care, I've released my newest Avatar Boredom Dub! :D

Avatar Boredom Dub 10

Thanks Newgrounds users for the weekly spot on audio portal with my talk-like-a-pirate contest entry. <3

Man, I still love Noah's puppeteering... The following was made by user lefthandedsock:

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