Pico Day 2014

2014-04-29 21:03:29 by TomaMoto

Had a FANTASTIC time at Pico Day this year.  Makes me really regret missing the previous one.  This is the one event that really revitalizes my passion to create.  It was lovely meeting up with old buddies, folks I'd only known online and brand new people alike.  It was not nice meeting that one kid who mumbled a lot and kept trying to touch everyone and-- err, let's focus on the positive.  It was great to see that there are so many talented young up-and-comers that are keeping Newgrounds fresh and going strong.  I'm sure Tom is incredibly proud of you all.


Not sure if most of you caught it, but I did spend a few minutes in front of the webcam on stream, as pictured below.  Thanks very much to my frieend Erin (IggyNoBiggie, though I'm not sure of her Newgrounds username) for capturing this moment with me in a Sully mask awkwardly sticking a microphone into my face.


I wish the best to all of you in the year ahead, creators, would-be creators and enthusiasts one and all!

Me on the Stream in a Sully mask


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2014-04-29 21:27:59

Sorry for mumbling and trying to touch you.

TomaMoto responds:

Oh you know it wasn't you, you silly.


2014-04-29 22:05:27

Fantastic Sully impression during that stream.

TomaMoto responds:

Oh I know, right? I couldn't tell the difference.


2014-04-29 22:47:10

Sorry for putting my dick near your mouth. It was inappropriate but I won't apologize because YOLO.

TomaMoto responds:

I'm pretty sure in most male-tomale conversations, dicks are only roughly 4-5 feet from one another's mouths as the crow flies. Now imagine a crow flying out of my dick into your mouth...


2014-04-29 22:51:08

I'm pretty sure UkinoJoe did that first Tomar, but good job anyway!

(Updated ) TomaMoto responds:

Look, look look... you see, I just saw that mask there. I'm not some sort of Pico Day babysitter and I can't be expected to follow all of these... details!


2014-04-30 05:26:02

you looked so trashed on cam when i saw you on there lol

TomaMoto responds:

Then I'm glad I only spent a short time actually on the stream. Now stop tainting my great memories of how I thought the night was going!


2014-04-30 19:14:49

Excellent observation.

TomaMoto responds:

I don't even.


2014-05-01 02:13:04

Where are you

TomaMoto responds:

Right now, right at this very moment? In my lovely townhouse near beautiful downtown Burbank, CA in my underwear thinking "Why is there guy here with the username 'youtube is awesome?' That seems like weird name to have on a site that isn't youtube." But perhaps I've said too much...


2014-05-01 12:57:12

Sorry for grabbing your di- oh wait.

TomaMoto responds:

Compared to Jaxxy, I was so sober on Pico day. Please let the record show this.


2014-05-04 01:13:56

You the cooliest of cool!