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Korra Boredom Dub

Posted by TomaMoto - September 30th, 2014

I haven't made a Boredom dub in like 5 years, but it harkens back to a time when I was far more involved in Newgrounds.  I intend to get more involved again!  Enjoy or don't!


Also, I'd just like to make a shout out regarding how proud I am of The-Swain and Krinkels's recent success in their Madness Project Nexus 2 Kickstarter.  They entered the playing field at a time (right now) when Kickstarter skepticism was rampant (and unfortunately, justifiably so thanks to some very popular/seedy/irresponsible people) and still managed to pull off their goal, plus an extra few thousand dollars.

Same goes to Josh Hano and our very own DrNeroCF for their success on their game kickstarter for Nefarious.

I'm crossing my fingers hoping to hear some good Pico Day news in the next couple months.  It may not be at the office anymore, but I'm hoping the event itself stays alive forever.  I love you guys!




Comments (8)

Cool to hear that you're intending on being more involved with Newgrounds again!

Swain and Krinkels were a bit late to the Kickstarter trend, but we pulled (saw your name as a contributor) it off! Thanks for uploading a Boredom Dub, twas juicy! Any word on a Prosnorkulos 3 in our future?

I'm sure Tom will keep the Pico parties going, so long as there's an internet and a Newgrounds in the world. I haven't heard anything about the office yet... even if it does get sold or rented out, there's plenty of convention halls near the Turnpike, which will make it easier for us (plebs) to stagger to bed!

Things with the neighbor fell through because he wasn't able to rent out his building, but he's still PLANNING to move over here... At the moment there is Pico Day potential for the office though! I also gotta commit to doing Magfest, are you thinking of doing that?

I'm definitely going to MagFest, yeah! Already bought tickets and booked my hotel.

Why do I still watch your shit? Oh, right. Because it's absolutely golden! Still watch your other dubs for old times sakes. Those were the good old times!

Very happy to see you back here at NG. To be honest, I haven't been as active (not that I was active at all anyway, just browsing, and reviewing) as much anymore either. But it's good to come back here every now and then, even if it's just to wreak havoc! Not that I do that either...do I?

The Kickstarter skepticism is very justifiable, as I have not personally supported any projects. Not that I could have anyways (sorry guys). I have some background experience in network defense (ethical hacker?), so it's essentially the same concept. Be cautious, be wary. Glad to see that they made it through just fine.

Anyways, my rambling has gone on for too long, so great work again.


Thanks for checkin' it out, yo.

Exellent dub. It's been a while since we've seen one! I was just thinking how I missed so much of the contributions of some of the NG alumni and o and behold! Yeah man, if you get the time keep em coming! (And from what I hear, see ya later tonight at dinner)


I miss your stuff so much!!
I was some of the best lols I had on the internet. You're a hero dude, plz keep making content

Nooo the boredom dub is gone