I'm Sick

2012-11-13 17:05:13 by TomaMoto

I usually only make posts when I have something particularly interesting to say. Today, I'm just posting to say I'm still alive, still voice acting, and that I'm very sniffly.

This month was a bit of a blast from the past, as I was called, after many years, to reprise my role as BBQBEEFBURGERMAN. Also, been voicing some games, some commercial, some Indy, but all awesome.

Well, there's a little bit of news, I guess. I am considering this post a smashing success, but now I dunno what else to type here. Gonna go find tissues.


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2012-11-13 17:48:01

Sick on the day that Black Ops 2 released?

TomaMoto responds:

Uh oh...


2012-11-13 18:08:54

BBQBEEFBURGERMAN! Yay! Sorry to hear about the bug... Has Jaxxy managed to avoid it?

TomaMoto responds:

Too soon to tell, but I hope so.


2012-11-13 18:51:58

You are bbqbeefburgerman?!

(Updated ) TomaMoto responds:

I am his voice, yes :D Well, in the couple cartoons where he's not just clips and computer-generated audio, anyway.


2012-11-13 23:12:02

You have to live!!! Live dammit, live! Err..uh...I mean, I hope you get better soon, dude. Glad to see you keeping busy with the big stuff, but also still doing roles for NG projects.


2012-11-14 23:27:47

aww. hope u fell better soon! ^_^


2012-11-18 21:55:51

Stay in bed for awhile. Sleep it off for a few days and you should feel better.


2012-12-10 18:50:31

Immunity Smoothie

5 ounces of pineapple juice
1 handful of kale & spinach
1 inch of ginger
1/2 cup blueberry
1/2 banana
1/2 orange

Hot drink

Rooibos Tea


2013-03-03 17:04:15

Are you okay, buddy? come back, we miss you!


2014-01-27 03:20:03

A bit of a belated thank you, but roughly three years ago I received a DVD set of the original Astro Boy in my NG Mystery Box compliments of you. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm thanking you for adding it to my DVD collection.

TomaMoto responds:

Oh man I never saw this so I guess I'm about 9 months late myself. So glad you got that and enjoyed it!