Update, Dungeonland and Detective Grimoire

2012-07-31 14:49:16 by TomaMoto

Consider my Newgrounds blog REFRESHED.

Since last I posted here, my Announcer work in Skullgirls has been released to the market. And I have been involved in voice over for a number of upcoming games including Critical Studios/Paradox Interactive's Dungeonland, Dean Dodrill's soon-to-be-released Dust: An Elysian Tail, and our own SuperFlashBros' upcoming cross-platform (Win/Mac/iOS/Android/Linux) Detective Grimoire game.

So on the topic of Detective Grimoire, The Detective Grimoire Kickstarter has nearly reached its $25,000 goal without only 50 or so hours remaining. Please make a pledge and lend a hand to support Tom, Dim and all the awesome Newgrounds voice actors (Omahdon, Egoraptor, Hnilmik, Princess Aura) that have contributed to this exciting game.

To talk a bit more on Dungeonland: I recently attended, dressed as my character "Dungeon Master" (thanks to Holly Conrad for building my costume!), a Paradox Interactive press event in San Francisco. Two of the main developers, Mark and Gabriel were there, and those guys were quite awesome! The game itself includes a very cool mode called Dungeon Master Mode, in which 3 players fight in the game's standard dungeon crawler/roguelike style, but another opposing player, controlling the world in an RTS-like fashion, lays traps and can even take direct control of enemies and Bosses in an attempt to thwart the hero characters. It's a ton a fun and I recommend that everyone keep Dungeonland on their radar over the course of the next year. I believe (meaning I'm not totally certain) the main game is going to be released in Q4 of this year, with DLC to follow next year.

There we go. Thou art updated on my upcoming voice-over shit.

See you all next time!


Update, Dungeonland  and Detective Grimoire


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2012-07-31 15:01:30

"Kill all my Employees" made me laugh.

Nice work man, very proud of you! *sniff* ;)

TomaMoto responds:

:) I hope to continue making you proud, Jose.


2012-07-31 15:45:30

SWEET! Man I hope this Grimoire thing hits the goal.

TomaMoto responds:

Oh snap! Looks like it just did!


2012-07-31 15:53:09

Gave Grimoire a lil' pledge. Good luck dude!

TomaMoto responds:

Sweet, Apa! Thanks!


2012-07-31 16:00:58

DUDE! Dungeonland looks so fun :)

TomaMoto responds:

It is, man! I got to play when I was up in San Francisco. Dungeon Master Mode totally makes the game.


2012-07-31 19:18:40

We gotta keep these voice actors in LINE!

Hey, you're awesome.

TomaMoto responds:

Appreciate it, Sir!


2012-07-31 19:53:14

Congrats on all this jazz. Ya done good. :]

TomaMoto responds:

Thanks, Krabophratz.


2012-07-31 22:58:34

Boo! The Skullgirls website not up yet? Glad to see such a positive and productive update... oh, and give Jaxxy a great big hug for me :3

TomaMoto responds:

It's up, I just mistyped the URL. Fixed it, though!


2012-08-08 05:36:14

Hey I'd like to say that thanks to your part in DungeonLand Im gonna enjoy the hell out of it as soon as it launches! Great voice-over! :)


2012-10-09 10:49:35

wass up my nigghuer!!!!!!

TomaMoto responds:

jes chillin


2012-10-12 05:01:15

Super smash Flash, as in this Ssf2?



2013-01-31 14:04:46

I played dungeon land and i thought "what is this familiar voice i hear? it's tomamoto!" So I went here to see if I was right in my assumption and I was, your voice made the game so enjoyable! Thank you! :D